Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Welcome to Goodereader.com

Good e-Reader is the leading provider on E-Book, E-Reader, Tablet and Slate PC news. We run the Good E-Reader Blog and the Good E-Reader Forum. Make sure to visit our new Retail Partner Shop e-Readers.
The Good E-Reader Blog is one of the leading providers of pure Electronic Reader News, Digital Publishing, eBooks, Technology and Tablet news. Our staff avidly goes to events, news conferences, and meets with some of the leading Companies in the World. We take our position of bringing you the latest news very seriously, all of our articles are original and we research everything we talk about. We also appreciate the various PR firms, industry insiders and captains of industry that take the time to communicate with us.
We are proud to let you guys know, we publish the worlds first E-Reader Magazine! We publish monthly editions that give you an excellent summary on the most important and news worthy items of that given month! We also give you previews on new e-readers coming out, and the latest technology news!

One of the most popular facets of Good e-Reader is out E-Reader Forum! We provide extensive E-Reader Support and all the latest Guides, Firmware, Tutorials, Reviews, Videos and so much more! If you have an e-reader and want to talk with other people who might have the same one as you do, the forum has it all! We also do monthly and weekly bookclubs! The Good e-Reader forum is a vibrant and embracing community of readers and tech enthusiasts, registration is free, so join in on the fun.

You may be the kind of person that enjoys Video Reviews, Tech Previews, Tutorials, and Trouble Shooting videos. Good E-Reader Videos brings the latest gadget news, reviews and previews! You can also catch the Good E-Reader Radio Show on iTunes or in our Radio Section. We have over 75 videos in our library, we do everything from compare various e-readers against each other, to providing unboxing videos and reviews of various e-readers and tablets. We also feature video tutorials that teach you how to load ebooks in specific e-readers, what formats for books is best for you and tons more!

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